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Plan to Redevelop Cincinnati Site wins ULI Hines Student Competition – Merrie Frankel

I am delighted to have judged the ULI Hines Student Competition for the second year. Out of an original 89 submissions, a team comprised of Harvard/MIT students won.

This year’s competition involved the redevelopment of a site in Cincinnati comprising portions of a highway, the central business district, and the downtown riverfront along the Ohio River. The teams were tasked with evaluating the potential to deck the highway and combine it with adjacent parcels, with the ultimate goal being to connect the parcels and create a vibrant, pedestrian-oriented, sustainable, mixed-use neighborhood. The assignment, designed to simulate an actual design, planning and development scenario, was based on Cincinnati’s vision for improving the linkage between the downtown and its riverfront and transforming the entire area into a lively place for both residents and visitors.

Photo credit: ULI/SpotOn Productions

Photo credit: ULI/SpotOn Productions

To read the full press release, click here:


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