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Combining Strengths to Provide Rating Advisory Services and Strategy for REITs and other Real Estate

While visiting New York, I had the opportunity to talk to Merrie Frankel, who is President of Minerva Realty Consultants.

Merrie, a lot has happened since our previous meeting. You launched a new company called Minerva. Can you tell me what Minerva stands for?

Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom, a fitting name for a woman-owned business. Minerva Realty is unique in providing independent advisory services on the credit ratings process, strategy and litigation support. Minerva works with REITs and other real estate firms, hedge/opportunity funds, and banks that want to optimize investment strategies or monetize portfolios.

Our disciplined process enables private companies to explore IPOs by mapping out the optimal approach to going public and guide listed and non-listed real estate firms through the ratings process. Since launching Minerva, we have worked on a broad array of assignments such as evaluating the REIT and other real estate bonds in structured products for hedge funds, taking new structures through the rating agencies, and exploring retail and other sector REIT strategies.


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